Tor metrics and are down

Is anyone else not able to access Tor’s website?

The website is up and running (although there might have been a reboot of the servers a little while ago). You can also monitor the status of our services at

Edit: routing issues at main provider | Tor Project status


The reboot would explain it, it is back up for me too.

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thanks for the heads up. we have updated with the ongoing network disruptions (and, interestingly, that site is possibly one that wasn’t available, as it’s currently on the same set of mirrors). but at least people will know we know now. :slight_smile:

details here:


how are things for people here? from our point of view, things seem to have mostly resolved, did anyone notice any further problems?


I have not seen any disruptions ever since (last noticed issues with gitlab.tpo, chives on 26th Jan and that is pretty much when the ticket was filed and this thread was created). Thanks for keeping track of this!