Tor launches and the browser quits immediately

I download the latest version of Tor on macOS sonoma 14.5 and when I launch the browser, the window appears and quits the application after a few seconds.

I’m contacting you for help, I haven’t found anything in the documentation or in the forum.

Does anyone have a solution?

Hi! Where have you downloaded Tor Browser? From our website or from Telegram bot? Or probably another source?
Also may I ask - do you have a screenshot of the message you get?

Hi, and thanks for taking the time to reply.

I download the tor-browser-macos-13.0.16 version from the official Tor website (Tor Project | Download)

Once downloaded, I launch the application, the window is displayed and exits 5 seconds later without error messages, as if I were doing cmdQ.

If you are not the only user of the PC, can you please check that another user does not use Tor Browser the same time as you?

You can also try to re-install Tor Browser using this instruction for uninstalling: UNINSTALLING | Tor Project | Tor Browser Manual

If you have any bookmarks in Tor Browser, please, save them somewhere separately

I’m the only user of the computer.
The Tor Browser was working three weeks ago and then all of a sudden it wouldn’t start (I’ve attached a video to show you the problem).

I uninstalled and reinstalled Tor as in the tutorial and it still doesn’t work.

For your information, I installed the Alpha version and it works, whereas the stable version doesn’t work.
CleanShot 2024-06-17 at 19.32.32

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