Tor Iptables Rules + Obfs4 Bridge (Workplace blocks Tor)

Hello! Hope you are all well!

My question is - how can I use an Obfs4 bridge with Tor on Linux? I have a program (Kali Whoami), and there I found iptables commands that redirect my traffic to the Tor network. However, can I use this with an Obfs4 bridge?

My workplace is block Tor, so these iptables commands don’t work there, which is why I would need to connect to a bridge before running this program.

Is this possible? So - I want these iptables commands to work at work, and I want to be able to use Tor there, not just for browsing. Is it possible to somehow make it so that I connect to a bridge before the iptables commands, and then run the script and it will work?

Btw, the link is:

Thanks in advance!!

In case this script works elsewhere, just add this somewhere between line 45 and 49:

UseBridges 1
ClientTransportPlugin obfs4 exec /usr/bin/obfs4proxy -enableLogging=true -logLevel INFO managed
# From tor bridge address side -->
Bridge obfs4 57EDD0BEFB27A78056CB95EC23092D59716A9260 cert=oUvzR6y6YHiWfmy+X+AbSDpJbHtOvBWbiDw/wmx9OU9BFOs5r9uW0zIlbU1ufqKxH/5+TQ iat-mode=0
Bridge obfs4 E1E11AEA17661A302507775069C50E784979E21E cert=6PuMrTakSg5Coza5tUNl11SSeaWtXFkxiNyRhyXXNS6BnTiZoPbRo3uZY0+MeMzJN1E2Ew iat-mode=0

You have to get working bridges beforehand (these are old examples). Also make sure obfs4proxy is installed. If not just apt-get update && apt-get install obfs4proxy