Tor hidden services are detected and blocked in the EU

Tor Browser works fine. But in hidden services run for a longer period of time, they can detect this and block the service. The connection will only be restored if the entire route is updated by deleting all files from the Tor Data folder and restart the client. I’m just guessing, but the problem could be with the Guard Node in the first hop. When using Meek and Snowflake bridges the function are working perfectly and the trackers are not blocked.

I experienced the problem with the ZeronetX client, and other forks with Tor Always mode.

The trackers in the client can not detected, the problem does not appear immediately, but after a longer time.

Used Expert Bundle (please check it under Windows7 not working)

If the user updates the entire circuits manually by deleting the data folder content and restart the client, the problem disappears. It has signs if it is detected by the internet service provider that for a long time connecting the user to a current guard node, Tor network, then it will be blocked the guard node. The phenomenon can only be experienced on networks where the hidden service runs for several hours on a daily basis. I am writing from a European Union country.

Zeronet keeping the Tor connection at longer time alive. This makes it easier to detect the hidden service.

A solution to the problem would be if the entire circuit were updated more often from the guard node first hop. If a completely new circuit are used from the first hop, the blocking is removed. Hours or a day later, however, the problem reappears. And the problem only appears on networks where the hidden service runs on a daily basis and performs an active transfers.


Are you saying the ISP does this blocking? In the EU of all places?

You guess the problem is the guard. I what country is the guard?

I’m not suggesting I could have any solution. Just advancing the subjexct by asking questions.

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Do I understand that correctly: The setup is, using TBB as frontend (rendering sites or zites), running clear text into the zeronet proxy, entering local Tor in zeronet “Allways mode” and then use the Tor network as proxy chain to a zeronet service?

For me this is a zeronet issue or question. If I understand it right, ZN allows JS, so “everything” is possible. Be careful.
You throw away the TBB savety for an overlay software that is not Tor(project). Such doing requires advanced knowlexge of the beast that is created.

Maybe I am wrong, just me saying

Stay save out there

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Just FYI. I run Tor Browser on Linux in Czech Republic without a bridge and my ISP is Vodafone. I have no problem getting to any onion services.

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