Tor does not have a valid digital signature

I have encountered a problem with Tor 11.0.13 for Win64

My PC:
Windows 10 64
Standard Security Level

I have been using Tor desktop for years and recently updated from 11.0.11.

Now, every time I launch Tor and it connects to the network, I get an error from Norton firewall which says “Tor does not have a valid digital signature”

I followed the instructions on this page:

and was able to confirm that the signature is valid with GPG one time. However, subsequent attempts to verify the signature return errors when attempting to fetch the developers key, saying “gpg: error reading key: Server indicated a failure”

I tried re-downloading and re-installing 11.0.13 and the issue persists.

For now, I have gone back to 11.0.11 and the issue is gone.

I’m trying to determine if this is something unique to me or is there a bigger problem here.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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