[tor-dev] [CRITICAL] Deep Fingerprinting Traffic Correlation


I was the one who raised the issue of DeepCorr being able to perform
traffic correlation with a high degree of accuracy but it seems like that
WTF-PAD which is currently implemented in Tor does defend against the
DeepCprr attack. I could be wrong but this seems to be my understanding.
The feasability of this attack decreased when W-T (Walkie-Talkie) a half
duplex anti-traffic correlation startegy is used. The accuracy with a W-T
defense in place is 49% compared to a 90% accuracy with WTF-PAD. Thera
There has been a new deep learning attack which is extremely effective
against the current implementation of WTF-PAD in Tor. This new attacks is
called Deep Fingerprining proposed here :



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