Tor DDoS Mitigation iptables scripts update. Version 7.0.0

A New version of the tor-ddos iptables rules modified slightly to deal with the current ongoing attack is now available.

Change log

It is now easier for you to apply the rules by simply running:

bash <(curl -Ls

The script will do the rest by asking you a few questions, taking care of dependencies on Ubuntu and Debian, as they don’t come with ipset and conntrack by default - and then applying the rules. It will also give you the option to upgrade from previous versions.


A set of bash scripts used to apply iptables rules to fight the current
DDoS attacks.


Just tried to run and line 28 in saying is unable to execute so the install errors out.

When executing I get a syntax error on line 3.

My apologies. I’d changed a setting and forgot to change it back and a few CRLF were inserted in the code. They are present in,,

I’ve since fixed it and added a new line of code suggested by PacaAlpaca as well. Please download the new version:

bash <(curl -Ls

Alternatively, as a quick fix, you can type:

sed -i -e 's/\r$//'

Thanks for reporting it.

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