Tor Browser v12.0.7 ARM macOS, does not recognize any updates being available

Should I be concerned that my copy of Tor Browser 12.0.7 does not recognize there being any updates? What’s currently being offered at the TOR website is 12.5.1. I’m disturbed because this is the opposite situation from what is prescribed at the Tor website: “Tor Browser must be kept updated at all times. If you continue to use an outdated version of the software, you may be vulnerable to serious security flaws that compromise your privacy and anonymity.”

  • I’m using a MacBook Air M1 running macOS 13.4.1 with 16 GB of RAM.
    Thank you.

Did you let Tor Browser bootstrap (i.e. click ‘Connect’ after launching the browser) before checking for updates?

Thank you championquizzer! That solved it! It recognized and updated to 12.5.1.
But that of course brings up a new problem. Why does Tor Browser literally lie to the user about new versions not being available unless they “Connect”? Ideally, that interface should tell the user to “Connect” before it inquires about an update. Perhaps this would be a difficult change from the Firefox default code.
IMHO the solution would be for the check to actually work when the user has not used ‘Connect’. Yes?
I note that there may be reasons I am unaware of that make this option inadvisable. If so, please help me understand. Thanks.

It’s a very old Firefox bug: 679742 - Firefox/Nightly claims "up to date" despite being unable to check for updates.

However it looks like it may have been fixed recently, and I can no longer reproduce it in Firefox’s rapid release, so hopefully we’ll get this downstream in the next Firefox ESR.


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