Tor Browser (Tails) revert to HTTPS no matter what


I’m currently putting my .onion online but while I’m waiting for it to be propagated and accessible.

When I enter my URL http://****.onion Firefox try to reach it, then it fail but I see that the URL revert as https

The settings of Firefox are correct (not forcing HTTPS) and I’ve disabled momentarily the HTTPS everywhere add-on.

The issue still remain, Will I be able to connect to HTTP (80) ?


Perhaps the problem is on the server side (of your site). For example, HSTS is forced on.

Hi @ThomasAA, I believe it’s an issue with your webserver and configuration file.

Could you visit other onionsite without HTTPS, like this one http://xmrhfasfg5suueegrnc4gsgyi2tyclcy5oz7f5drnrodmdtob6t2ioyd.onion/ and see if it will try to redirect to HTTPS?

It work,
Maybe it’s because my .onion is not yet available on the network… btw I’m wondering how long it take…)

Hi @ThomasAA usually takes a couple of minutes for the .onion is available, at least this my experience with ngnix, have you take a look of this onion guide?