Tor Browser is not working after update

I am using Windows10 x64bit
Tor Browser version 12.04
Tor Browser Security Level: I don’t know

My issue :
When I update/upgrade to the latest version, I think now it is 12.51, Tor Browser does not load at all!!!

What seems to be the problem? Every time I want to use Tor Browser, I need to delete the current installation, and re-install version 12.04 to use it.

Please help

I would try this:
Delete the folder for 12.04 called “Tor Browser” or better yet just rename the folder to “Tor Browser 12.04” then install a freshly downloaded Tor installation file from the Tor web site.

Then if the 12.5.1 does not work just delete the “Tor Browser” folder and rename the “Tor Browser 12.04” folder to “Tor Browser”. There might be leftover residue when you update/upgrade.

Of course you know that the double quotes are not part of the folder names.

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Thank you very much for your advise and guidance, BobbyB.

Now it is working properly.

Will keep TorBrowser 12.04 for the time being.

Until a certain time, will delete 12.04 and carry on with the latest version.