Tor Browser Incorrect display of datetimes with a timezone

Operating System you are using

  • Linux Devuan Daedalus

Tor Browser version

  • Tor Browser 13.5

Tor Browser Security Level

  • Standard

Not conveniently reproducible because pre-registered car details are required to make a booking.

  • Web page: via Hampshire HWRC
  • Site purpose: make appointment at a recycling centre

First available slot is at 09:00, last available 17:30. The timezone of the datetimes from the server is also my timezone, GMT+1.

Server provides datetimes in json:

        "times": [
          { ..., "datetime": "2024-07-03T09:00:00+01:00" },

Firefox-esr’s javascript interpreter displays this on the web page buttons correctly as “09:00”. Tor Browser labels the buttons using UTC, so “08:00” in this case. This is incorrect and misleading.

Is it a feature or a bug? Is there a work-around? I don’t see this hiding-the-timezone as providing any protection to me.

Screenshot shows the different representation in Tor Browser 13.5 and Firefox-esr.

Thanks for looking.

You’re booking in Hampshire UK where the timezone there is currently GMT+1

This is working exactly as expected. Firefox knows your real timezone (+1) is showing times from 9:00 on. Tor Browser is reporting timezone (+0) and is starting from 8:00

Here’s my Firefox using New Zealand time - the times start from 20.00 (NZ is currently +12)

And here is Tor Browser - same as yours … starts at 8:00

Thank you, I hadn’t noticed that browsers “translate” times to the their own timezone. Very instructive to see that page in New Zealand time.

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