Tor Browser hangs up when maximized on Windows 11

I had installed Windows 11 and started TOR Browser (from a non-system drive, where it was installed earlier). It was running well, even if I maximized the window.

But now (after an update or something, not sure) every time I try maximizing the window, it immediately hangs up. Just resizing the window nevertheless works fine. If I don’t maximize, it runs well and I can connect to the network and open sites.

Other applications (including regular Firefox) don’t have the maximizing problem.

Is that a TOR browser issue or a one related to Windows 11? How can I workaround it?

Is this on 12.5.4? Is this when you are connected and have a web page open?

Does it happen with the alpha version (from here: ) - just install it to e.g. c:\TBtest\ so as to not mess with your current release

One thing you can do is open the web page, then open the console (control-shift-J, I usuallyhave mine detached as a separate window) and clear it (hit the trash bin icon) and then maximize and let it hang, and see if you can get anything in the console

FWIW, I’m on win 11 and I can’t reproduce

edit: you would want this one →

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Thank you for your response!

It seems very useful and I would try the steps, but fortunately, reinstalling has already fixed the problem. Not sure whether it breaks again one day in the same manner.

It was stable 12.5.4. The issue was reproducible no matter connected or not, or what page open.

Once again, thank you!

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