Tor Browser for Android is very slow in webpage loading and why there is no search option for extension?

Tor browser is very slow in webpage loading, i know it gives top level anonymity but its annoying, also the app size is huge , i want lightweight app such as duckduckgo. I am currently using duckduckgo browser. Also i am not able to open .onion pages in tor browser, i dont know why? Also there is only few extension is showing to add, there is no search option for extension.

Remember, by design, your traffic is bouncing through volunteers’ servers in various parts of the world, and some bottlenecks and network latency will always be present. You can help improve the speed of the network by running your own relay, or encouraging others to do so. But regardless, that latency should be negligible and you might be encountering the recent performance issues (which is under investigation).

Onion services can only be accessed on the Tor network and the DuckDuckGo Browser isn’t connected to Tor.

The ‘search option’ for extensions is missing from the upstream (Firefox for Android/Fenix) hence not present in Tor Browser for Android as well.
You might also be interested in the following bug reports:

  1. [Bug] [Android] New addons are not being enabled in Tor browser (#40606) · Issues · The Tor Project / Applications / Tor Browser · GitLab
  2. Tor Browser Android "recommends" a bunch of extensions: privacy badger, dark reader, decentraleyes, etc (#40502) · Issues · The Tor Project / Applications / Tor Browser · GitLab

I am not able to open .onion sites even on tor browser

I know that… :expressionless:

It’s possible that the onion services you’re trying to access are offline.
Check whether you can access these popular onion services:

I am sure its not down…:confounded:

Does this onion service require client authorization? If yes, it won’t work on Tor Browser for Android. Bug: Tor Browser for Android: Onion Service authentication (#31672).

Please confirm the following …

What is client Authorization

Onion services which require you to authenticate with a password. On Tor Browser for Desktop the interface looks like:

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May be this is helpful, i will try this later.

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