Tor browser dropout?

Can Tor browser have a dropout mid-use in a way that does not affect connectivity? Can I suddenly be using it as an ordinary browser without realizing it? How is Tor Browser handling dropouts?

At the start of a recent session, listed that the browser was configured to use Tor. A few minutes later the browser suddenly became stuck loading websites. I was a able to refresh, which now said that I’m not using Tor. The browser was able to connect again without issue immediately after a reboot. Was this an issue with an exit node? I’m using the latest version of tor Browser (13.0.8) on Windows. I’m not using bridges or VPN.

Another question, what happens if I have a Tor browser session open and my network drops and reconnects without me noticing it. Tor has now lost connection but the browser stays open. If I continue using the browser will my traffic now be exposed?