Tor Browser Can’t Open This Page

Operating System you are using: Kubuntu 21.10
Tor Browser version: 11.0.14 (based on Mozilla Firefox 91.10.0esr) (64-bit)
Tor Browser Security Level: Standard

I get the message “Tor Browser Can’t open this Page” when attempting to view a video. The “Open site in new window” results in

Sorry, we couldn’t find that page

Make sure you’ve typed the URL correctly, or try searching Vimeo. You could also watch one of the videos below instead

So, it is a vimeo video that is embedded on another site. I have tried it in Firefox, same problem. Have tried disabling tracking, disabling any extensions, etc,etc.

Any workaround for this please ?

Later , …So, my gut feeling was that it is essentially a sharing problem. That the video on Vimeo was ‘private’, so if another site tried to embed it, then the browser (FF or Tor) won’t allow it.

When I logged onto Vimeo, the error message went from …

Sorry, we couldn’t find that page



You are unauthorized for this action.

It looks like a vimeo problem. The website has a “x-frame-options: DENY” header, meaning you can’t embed it.

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@chris - Yes, it is essentially a Vimeo problem.

Here are the Vimeo privacy settings. It mentions how the settings affect how other websites can embed Vimeo videos.

I’ve been able to view the video. The vimeo privacy settings may have been modified also, I don’t know ??

Here is how I got it to play. If , for example, the message appears and the “Open site in new window” doesn’t work, there will be a Vimeo video URI. For example -

Try re-referencing the Vimeo video by using

That worked for me. :slight_smile:

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Researching and then finding the post at Impossible to embed Vimeo videos anymore | , showed the need to transpose the URL/URI reference.

Perhaps a Tor-friendly free software Vimeo alternative like PeerTube could provide an alternative, perhaps preferable solution? :astonished:


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