Tor Browser and Metamask


I have understood running add-ons on TorBrowser reduces its privacy, not sure if this is true but I guess it’s still better than not running on TorBrowser.

Metamask is a cryptowallet browser add-on where you can for example send ether transactions. My question is when using metamask and for example opening a wallet and sending a transactions, are all the (metamask) data also routed through the tor?


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I’m sure someone here could answer this? :3

Hi @rhylz,

Thanks for reaching out to the Tor Project forum!

As you recognised for yourself in one of your previous posts, it’s not recommended to install any additional add-ons to the Tor Browser.

Any specific proxy settings for use with your Hot wallet of choice will depend on how it’s been developed to support proxy use.

From what I can tell, from a cursory glance at the official documentation for your hot wallet, there’s no mention of any proxy setting options. Also it’s worth noting Tor currently supports TCP not UDP.

I’d recommend reaching out to your hot wallet’s support community for a more conclusive answer to your question, especially taking into consideration that many projects have a roadmap & this feature, whilst seemingly not available at present, might be added at some point in the future.

I hope this helps?

All the best :slight_smile:

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