Tor Browser Alpha v13.0a2 Missing localization strings

I am Zarko Gjurov, co-lead translator and reviewer for Macedonian localization of Tor Browser, and in the last alpha version 13.0a2 on 100% completed translation and review on Transifex I’ve noticed that there are 5 missing strings that are still on English, as it follows:
Strings 1, 2 and 3 for the Connection status in right corner: “NOT Connected”, “Connecting…”, “Connected”,
String 4 in the Tor circuit where it says: “Circuit for ”, and
String 5 also in the Tor circuit where it says: “Your guard node may not change”.

Hi Zarko, thanks for your translation work!
The Tor Project has migrated to Weblate and Transifex is not used anymore.
Please check and get in touch with @emmapeel if you need the proper reviewer permissions there :slightly_smiling_face:.

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