Tor and Cisco AnyConnect

Is Tor safer or Cisco AnyConnect? Is there a tool to measure the security of a proxy or VPN?

Thank you.

AnyConnect has nothing to do with anonymizing but forms a classic VPN. It’s a tool to connect @home router|network or to connect to company router|network. Similar to OpenVPN, OpenConnect, WireGuard. Or Host to host: Teamviewer or SSH.

VPN providers want to sell anonymization as a new business idea and make money with it.


Thanks again.
If you rent a server in another part of the world and install the Cisco AnyConnect service on it and then connect to that server, you have hidden your connection. isn’t it?
Is there a website or tool that estimates how secure an internet connection is?

I don’t know if you can install this on a server. Cisco AnyConnect is a proprietary :face_vomiting: VPN on Cisco routers. Cisco is US Company. I would never use that because there are very likely NSA backdoors in it. In the software itself and in the NIST-based encryption, if used. The FLOSS alternatives OpenVPN and WireGuard are significantly better.

What exactly do you want to achieve?

  • A hidden connection to administrate your server? Use SSH as Tor hidden service.
  • A secure connection to the Mgmt. network, IPMI, SSH? Use OpenVPN, WireGuard or a Bastion Host.
  • Hide Tor usage against your ISP? Use a (privat hidden) obfs4 bridge.

Is there a website or tool that estimates how secure an internet connection is?

Yes there are some test sites that check which encryption a server supports. That depends on your protocol.
Search for: secure | harden & SSH | OpenVPN | WireGuard
Example: SSH server audit, SSL/TLS

But do it right now and don’t look for security gaps later. Start with a secure system. For a secure WireGuard VPN host I would use e.g.:
pfsense = OpenBSD
OPNsense = FreeBSD
VyOS = Debian based
Frantech/BuyVM has a large selection of OS and you can upload your own ISO if something is missing.

Use Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) & strong, approved cryptographic protocols, algorithms, and authentication credentials. D. J. Bernstein, B. Schneier


Thank you so much for your reply.
About the NSA and backdoor, I heard that the RSA cryptography algorithm was also invented by the NSA, so they break it very easily.
Is OpenVPN better or WireGuard?
Thank you for this website, but I meant a website that tells me how secure my current internet connection is. Something better than Something to tell me if my ISP is secure or not?