Tor and Cisco AnyConnect

Is Tor safer or Cisco AnyConnect? Is there a tool to measure the security of a proxy or VPN?

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AnyConnect has nothing to do with anonymizing but forms a classic VPN. It’s a tool to connect @home router|network or to connect to company router|network. Similar to OpenVPN, OpenConnect, WireGuard. Or Host to host: Teamviewer or SSH.

VPN providers want to sell anonymization as a new business idea and make money with it.


Thanks again.
If you rent a server in another part of the world and install the Cisco AnyConnect service on it and then connect to that server, you have hidden your connection. isn’t it?
Is there a website or tool that estimates how secure an internet connection is?

I don’t know if you can install this on a server. Cisco AnyConnect is a proprietary :face_vomiting: VPN on Cisco routers. Cisco is US Company. I would never use that because there are very likely NSA backdoors in it. In the software itself and in the NIST-based encryption, if used. The FLOSS alternatives OpenVPN and WireGuard are significantly better.

What exactly do you want to achieve?

  • A hidden connection to administrate your server? Use SSH as Tor hidden service.
  • A secure connection to the Mgmt. network, IPMI, SSH? Use OpenVPN, WireGuard or a Bastion Host.
  • Hide Tor usage against your ISP? Use a (privat hidden) obfs4 bridge.

Is there a website or tool that estimates how secure an internet connection is?

Yes there are some test sites that check which encryption a server supports. That depends on your protocol.
Search for: secure | harden & SSH | OpenVPN | WireGuard
Example: SSH server audit, SSL/TLS

But do it right now and don’t look for security gaps later. Start with a secure system. For a secure WireGuard VPN host I would use e.g.:
pfsense = OpenBSD
OPNsense = FreeBSD
VyOS = Debian based
Frantech/BuyVM has a large selection of OS and you can upload your own ISO if something is missing.

Use Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) & strong, approved cryptographic protocols, algorithms, and authentication credentials. D. J. Bernstein, B. Schneier


Thank you so much for your reply.
About the NSA and backdoor, I heard that the RSA cryptography algorithm was also invented by the NSA, so they break it very easily.
Is OpenVPN better or WireGuard?
Thank you for this website, but I meant a website that tells me how secure my current internet connection is. Something better than Something to tell me if my ISP is secure or not?

No idea about it?

Thank you.

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