This guy thinks Cloudflare is operating exit relays

What do you make of this? If I’m understanding it correctly he thinks because the exit relays are proxied through Cloudflare that means Cloudflare is the operator of the relay?

I just cancelled my first post before it was approved.

The first thing which caught my eye was “it’s supposed to be 3 hops, where each hop can’t see the next”. The way I understand it is that each hop can only see the previous and next; thus the middle does not know the originator and target.

I am pretty sure the initial contact to the entry node is done via an IP address directly.
Again from my understanding, the DNS request for the target site gets done at the exit node at which point the circuit has already been established.

Now Cloudflare or other person knows the destination and it’s too late. So how can it be the man-in-the-middle.

I got through to TradeOgre both via my ISP and TOR. Both showed a Cloudflare captcha but the Tor one was a lot longer and I had to click that I was not a robot (but I am; I am a humanoid carbon unit… kidding). I know some sites, like the US IRS, specifically block Tor.

So I’m sticking my neck out and saying he is wrong.

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…and the article has been

Retracted: You’re being lied to. Tor is 2 hops, not 3
This article’s content is retracted and requires additional data due to valid criticism.

Glad to see it. People make mistakes and it’s refreshing when people chalk it up to a learning experience.

To those want to see the original article before it was retracted.
From the web archive: