The Snowflake extension isn't showing up on the Chome Store nor Microsoft Add-Ons Store ❄

I tried installing Snowflake on Edge but it’s not showing up on the Chrome Store nor on the Microsoft Add-Ons Store. After more digging, I could only find the Cupcake extension. I used a VPN and multiple different browsers but the problem persisted.

Why would you think that the Snowflake add-on is available for MS Edge? It is available for Firefox and Google Chrome only.

Link with Downloads for these two browsers: Tor Project | Browser Snowflake proxy

if it does not work, just use a browser…

I think OP is assuming that Chrome extensions should work in Edge because Edge is based on Chromium. Evidently this is not the case (at least in this case), but one can instead leave this page open in a tab: Snowflake

Try it. Maybe it works in Edge, maybe it doesn’t.


Thanks for sharing guys.

Edge is Chromium-based so Chrome extensions work on it as well. In either case, using your link worked. It’s a shame it seems to have been shadow banned since searching for the extension on the Chrome Store doesn’t seem to bring it up. Thanks guys!