Telemetry on by default in about:config - why is this?

Why are most of the telemetry fields enabled (set to “true”)?

Shouldn’t they all be set to false? Then there’s also a telemetry ID listed as well as a URL to where telemetry is to be sent.

I disable telemetry fields manually, but seeing much of them enabled makes me feel sad.

Any particular reason they are set like that?

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Maybe the devs forgot about firefox’s telemetry

Telemetry and other trackers are disabled. Removing the whole code is a lot of work and hard to maintain. See this ticket:


This was posted in the section for Tor Browser Desktop, not mobile

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Correct, Felltree! And thank you for making this point.

If Telemetry is disabled in Tor Browser, why are there ‘true’ listings for ‘telemetry’ when you search about:config? Like I said there’s even an ID and server address mentioned. Shouldn’t these have ‘false’ settings and a universal fake ID? Otherwise, how is telemetry disabled in Tor Browser for Desktop?

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The enabled telemetry settings shouldn’t matter, since the module as a whole is disabled. In about:config the setting to allow the module is blocked, so no user can activate it by accident. Look for toolkit.telemetry.enabled at your about:config page. Here you can find many of the default prefereences for tor browser with some comments.


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