Tails vs. Kodachi for privacy and anonymity

Hi folks,
Has anyone tried both Kodachi and Tails for privacy and anonymity? Tails is widely respected, and endorsed by Edward Snowden.
Kodachi bundles a VPN, both their own, for free, and the option to add many competing VPNs, into it’s software. (Of course there is debate over whether adding a VPN helps or harms privacy and anonymity).
The one thing about Kodachi that some may consider a red flag, is that Kodachi has only one developer,.
Please give me your thoughts on these two distributions, Thank you.

If you care about your anonymity and privacy, you should use Tails.

If you don’t, feel free to use kodachi


Thank you, HackerNCoder, much appreciated.
There are red flags associated with Kodachi, and it is not easy to use.

I recommend tails more than kodachi because I realized that kodachi has an obsolete tor connection and also onionshare which is obsolete. Whereas tails is totally up to date.

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Thank you, Veritax. Yes, that is cool that Tails is updated every month. The other criticism of Kodachi I heard was that it is based on an older version of Ubuntu.

Yes and in my memory (it must be 7 or 8 years old) kodachi os had a horrible reputation because all the requests we made on kodachi were on their dns server and we could only go through their dnscrypt , and also it forced us to use their vpn when we didn’t even know what they were doing (basically kodachi was very suspicious and in order to use it we had to trust it completely blindly).

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Thanks for the more detailed explanation, Veritax. The fact that there is only one developer for Kodachi also raises red flags. The only way to get support is to go to his Discord page, and hope someone helps you.

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