Tails Startup Screen

I am using Tor Browser on Tails.

When it starts there is first a screen that asks about how one should use it. There is an easy way and a safer way.

The explanations are poor at best and the options are confusing.

Connect to Tor automatically (easier) gives you the opportunity to to connect with no bridge, with a builtin bridge, or with a non-builtin bridge

Hide to my local network that I’m connection to Tor (safer) forces you to connect with a non-builtin bridge


So the second one forces something that the first one could also do? Why the unnecessary confusion, I wonder.

By the way, thanks for the explanation. It is better than the display shows.

Is there even a way to set it up once and not have it keep coming up every time I boot my computer?

Just an observation: Tails isn’t developed by The Tor Project. They’re an independent organization and they’ve their own support channel. But I will share your topic with some Tails contributors. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I would just mention that the screen in question does not appear under any other OS, including Debian. It only appears under Tails. Just saying…

Thanks again.