Tails 6.0 keyboard backlight option missing

How can I turn on and regulate the keyboard backlight in Tails 6.0?
In 5.x the option was in Settings → Power, but this slider is missing now.


No replies after more than 2 months, neither here nor from Tor project staff. I have reported this for every new Tails version and will continue doing so. But it’s disappointing I must say.

To me 6.0 was a major regression. Atop of no keyboard backlight I lost sound on my Intel Tiger Lake Chromebook as well. Both worked in Tails 5

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You can try asking questions about Tails in the XMPP chatroom:


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I pinged a Tails dev - this was his reply

My take on this is: that’s GNOME upstream stuff, I see it’ll be back in GNOME 45 (via quick settings), so in Tails 7.0 at some point in 2025. This does not look important enough for us to do anything beyond waiting.


not important enough
just wait a year bro
Well thanks for nothing!

Even a noob like me eventually managed to find a solution via command line:
Go to
and check the vendor-specific full name of the folder ending in

on my chromebook it’s

open terminal and enter
echo 2 | sudo tee /sys/class/leds/chromeos::kbd_backlight/brightness
replace chromeos with the name of your vendor as mentioned above
you can enter numbers from 0 to 3.
0 turns the lights off, 3 is the brightest.

And to think I fiddled around finding the right keys in darkness for months because nobody was able to tell me this…

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