Tails 5.5 expected 2022-10-17 but ISO/IMG files already available for download!

tails-amd64-5.5.img 13-Oct-2022 10:27 1G
tails-amd64-5.5.img.sig 13-Oct-2022 13:03 833
tails-amd64-5.5.iso 13-Oct-2022 10:27 1G
tails-amd64-5.5.iso.sig 13-Oct-2022 13:03 833

Despite the Tails Calendar page which says the release will now be on 2022-10-17, the files appear to be uploaded already. This is an UNOFFICIAL REPORT.

Often Tails images have appeared on mirrors a day or more previous to the official release date, which seems to be the case here. While I recommend waiting for the official announcement, I couldn’t help but share this discovery.

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