Tails 5.3 is out (Tuesday, 26 Jul 2022)

= Announcement =

= Changelog =

"tails (5.3) unstable; urgency=medium

  • Upgrade to Tor Browser 11.5.1, bring back uBlock, and fix the Unsafe Browser’s
    window title (tails/tails!894)

    Closes issues:

    • uBlock is not enabled in Tor Browser (tails/tails#19059)
    • Upgrade to Tor Browser based on ESR 91.12 (tails/tails#19058)
    • Window title of Unsafe Browser reads “Tor Browser” (tails/tails#18603)


    • Tor Browser: use the system’s libstdc++.so.6 like upstream would on a Bullseye
    • update-acng-config: get ready for 6.x
    • Remove hack that’s not needed on Bullseye anymore
    • Update comments
    • Make cp behavior deterministic
    • htpdate pool 2: replace fragile thepiratebay.org with www.gnome.org
    • Bring back code needed to install uBlock
    • Create directory before copying into it
    • Browsers: also pass --name to Firefox
    • Reformat code: make room for more options and nicer Git diffs
    • Unsafe Browser: also set brandProductName to “Unsafe Browser”, for consistency
    • Unsafe Browser: set the branding in the file that’s actually used in current
      Tor Browser
    • Fetch Tor Browser from our own archive
    • Upgrade Tor Browser to 11.5.1-build1
  • Test suite: misc. improvements (tails/tails!892)

    Closes issues:

    • Test suite sometimes fails to find a picture (e.g. TailsGreeterLoginButton.png)
      while it’s present on screen (tails/tails#19044)


    • Test suite: also display stdout on vmcommand failure
    • Test suite: bump timeout
    • Test suite: fix typo in comment
    • Welcome Screen: remove unused import
    • Test suite: point to relevant issue
    • Test suite: wait more for some images
    • Test suite: have Screen#find wait longer
    • Test suite: add debug logging to investigate #19044
    • Test suite: fix variable name
    • Test suite: give some time to the persistence passphrase widget to get focus
    • Use named constants instead of magic numbers
    • Don’t catch unrelated IndexError exceptions
    • Lint
    • Remove unused import
    • Test suite: fix, improve, and update comments
    • Test suite: set the time in the guest using timedatectl
    • Make host_to_guest_time_sync raise an exception on failure
    • Lint
  • Upgrade to Debian Bullseye 11.4, Linux 5.10.127, and Network Manager 1.30.6

    Closes issues:

    • Upgrade to Debian Bullseye 11.4 (tails/tails#19046)


    • Refresh patch
    • Update Vagrant box to Debian Bullseye 11.4
    • Enable the 19046-bullseye-11.4-force-all-tests APT overlay (refs: #19046).
    • Upgrade to Linux 5.10.0-16 (currently at 5.10.127-1)
    • Upgrade to Debian Bullseye 11.4
  • Upgrade mat2 to 0.12.1-2+deb11u1

– Tails developers tails@boum.org Mon, 25 Jul 2022 13:45:07 +0200"


For those who didn’t read the Changelog, or maybe you missed it…

uBlock is back!

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