Tails 5.0 is unstable?

Hi folks, I just downloaded Tails 5.0 from the official Tails website, then used Rufus to place the file on a bootable USB drive. Tails would bootup on one of my old computers, but not the other. So I plugged it into the computer it runs on, went to the Terminal, and typed in “$ cat /etc/os-release”, then hit Enter, It came back “Tails version 5.0 - unstable”. That might explain why it runs on my old Asus but not on the old Acer. When will they have a stable version out??? Thanks. .

I just checked if on my side: this distribution Trails
i am “distrib Linux MINT 20.3”
No bugs works at home.
Check your download to make sure it is safe and has not been corrupted during the download.

And choose your boot bios restarting the operating system on the drive, it should work normally
[Download and check your USB drive

[Tails - Install Tails from Windows]

Sorry I don’t have windows

Never had a problem with Rufus for window OS :wink:

Good day or evening to you

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For some reason, they want you to use Balena Etcher to flash the file onto the USB drive. In my experience, Etcher fails half the time, then, you have to repair the USB drive with diskpart. Rufus works with no problems for me!

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Thank you, Gabriel!

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Hi !.
Having Linux distrib
I went through the creator of USB key
integrated into my system no bugs Nav - Tor etc…
for Trails Clone https://tails.boum.org/
via Disk distrib

RUFUS Last modified 2022.03.11:
Rufus 3.18 (1.3 MB)
Rufus 3.18 Portable (1.3 MB)
Link : Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way

I don’t work with your tools : https://www.balena.io/etcher/

Good evening to you

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Thank you, Gabriel, I never could get Etcher to work either. Rufus works like a charm.

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hi folks, I have been using Tails for a long time, there is a long time that I dont use balena etcher to create a Tails’ USB. Maybe If you have time you can report at gitalb: Issues · tails / tails · GitLab or on Etcher issues: etcher · Search · GitLab . I am a debian user so I usually use Gnome-Disk to install my Tails with basically 100% success on my Tails creation. saludos