Tab crash on startup

OS: Window 7 Ultimate
TorBrowser: just updated from 1301 to 1304… no problem on 1301.
security level HIGH
I clicked on Start torbrowser… i wait… and it says Gah Your tab just crash… tab says about:blank
i open another tab… i click on bookmarks and try 1 of the working links and same thing Gah… your tab just crash.
only on 1304… previous version 1301 worked perfectly…

I did try searching but the post i looked at was old Jan 22. and said it had been fixed in a previous version to this… 12something…

Sounds like the browser is crashing but first it will be worth checking if Tor did bootstrap properly? What happened when you click on ‘Connect’? Did you reach the about:tor page? This can also be confirmed with your Tor logs. To fetch your Tor logs navigate to the hamburger menu (“≡”), then click on “Settings”, and finally on “Connection” in the side bar. At the bottom of the page, next to the “View the Tor logs” text, click the button “View Logs…”. Look for any lines stating something like timestamp [NOTICE] Bootstrapped 100% (done): Done

I no longer have the tor logs as i got fed up with the browser crashing…
went back to 1301… disabled update. previous version no problems…
i didnt need to click connect it was set to automatically connect to tor… first time i ran tor browser i put a tick in the automatic connect box.
I couldnt get any page to show up… about:config every tab came up with the same message…
As soon as i copied from my backup the previous version… I could access tor webpages…
so i know 1… it wasnt the pages i was trying to load causing the issue…
2. it was working before the update… so it had to be something NEW in the update.
I’ll stick with the previous version… shouldn’t make much of a difference… I hardly use it. maybe 1hr a day
If and when i decide to update to the latest version again… i will keep a eye on the bootstrap…
3. I never see the about:tor page… mine is set to about:blank

Hello, my name is Elio and I’ve the same problem with Tor on Windows 11, my version of Tor is 13.0.10, everything I open with Tor appears “Gah. Your tab just crashed.”, I’ve looked for a solution on google but nothing works. Anybody has an idea to solve ? The reinstallation hasn’t worked for me. Thanks a lot.

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This means what exactly?

My suggestion:
Download a fresh copy of Tor Bundle:
Verify the signature (or not)
Delete (or rename) the Tor Browser folder from the desktop.
Install then come back here and tell us.

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