Survey on HTTPS Only Modes in Tor Browser

Hello All,

We are currently recruiting participants for a short online survey
regarding HTTPS-Only modes in Tor Browser. This will involve providing
some of your opinions on the effectiveness of these modes, what type of
action they should be encouraging and how best to provide effective
warnings. We are specifically interested in any thoughts you may have
on if HTTPS-Only mode should be approached differently in Tor Browser
versus other browsers like Firefox.

This is part of the CREWS - HCI project which is a collaboration
between University College London and The Tor Project. The overall goal
of our research is to construct an effective and well researched
HTTPS-Only mode for Tor, that can potentially be enabled by default.

If you are interested in participating, more details can be found here:

Our survey is totally anonymous unless you wish to give your name to be
credited in future work.

The survey will be closed on 28th Feb 2022.

If you have any thoughts whatsoever about the future of HTTPS-Only mode
in Tor Browser, then please feel free to reply to this post with them

This study has been approved by the UCL Research Ethics Committee:
Project ID number: 20345/001

Thank you,

Killian Davitt & Steven Murdoch