Support topics for "censorship circumvention" unclear

We’ve got support topics for “Tor Browser” and “Relay Operator” which are clearly the two sides of being a user of Tor and an operator of network resources, but then for circumvention we’ve just got the one category. Are bridge operators in the “Relay Operator” category or are they in with the end users in “Censorship Circumvention” or should users trying to use PTs be asking questions in the software specific categories?

Hi @irl! That’s a very good point. My idea is that the ‘Censorship Circumvention’ sub-category is aimed at end users who are trying to use PTs i.e. circumvent censorship, and ‘Relay Operator’ is for relay operators irrespective of the type of relay - exit, non-exit, bridge - they are running. I will make the distinction clear in the description of the respective sub-categories.

Running a bridge is pretty different to running a relay, it always felt weird that we try to lump those two things together, usually resulting in a poor experience. For example for bridge operators using relay search you basically get the relay interface with parts disabled, but nothing bridge-specific added (and I can think of a few things that would be useful there).

I think really there are three topics:

  • Which type of bridge should I use in scenario X?
  • How do I just a bridge in Tor Browser{, for Android}/Onion Browser?
  • How do I run a bridge?

We can start with a very general category (“relay operators”) and in the next months and, based on usage, we can create subcategories: exit, bridges.