Suggestion of creating an "Education" category in the forum

I would like to suggest the creation of a new category on the forum, dedicated to education in general. My idea is for this to be a space for the discussion of Tor in education, which has been transformed into an area of mass surveillance.

Also, that students and teachers can present projects and activities developed with Tor, or studies about it. And that, in addition, you have a brief involvement with



I like this idea. In the past we had a mailing list about Tor Teachers, but it didn’t get a lot of users. But, as part of our Tor trainings in the Global South, we can think about it again.


Yes, but if possible, I would like this category to be a space for students, teachers, and all others involved in the educational field. As student representation in Brazil, I observe few projects that integrate students, and when they do, only PHD or post-graduate students. I think that everyone should be able to express their projects, studies, research and debates about education with Tor.


Also, if approved and applied, I volunteer to moderate and take care of the educational category, because I am in the educational field and can give better support in my daily life

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@gus How is this process carried out? Do we start with a vote for the creation of the category or do we continue with the debate of ideas about it?

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Hello kaiod and gus. I believe that the kaiod proposal is excellent and it is possible to materialize it with work and coordination. I can also volunteer for this initiative. I think you can create the Education category and from here, start adding people and ideas. What do you think about it?

Yes, we can get started! Can @gus create the category please? then we can proceed with the ideas and planning, including inviting the educational community to the forum!

Or, could a @moderators create it? I don’t know if the moderation team has this permission

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Hi @kaiod at the moment people can use the General Discussion category to discuss Tor and Education topic. Next year we can evaluate again with our new Education coordinator.

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Hi kaiod. I suggest that we should start as @gus suggests, by creating the topic in the General Discussion Category. @kaios, would you create the theme yourself?

Hello @neocimarron, I will create the topic in the general category!


Hey @kaiod and @neocimarron, I created the tag “education”. :slight_smile: