Suggestion: a summary page of relay/bridge install guides in one place

As we discussed in the tor relay operator meetup call this would be a great addition to have.


What’s wrong with this page? :slight_smile:

What was suggested again is to have a server operator 101 course or tutorial. Running any service on the internet requires a certain level of knowledge so that it won’t be compromised and whoever is in charge notices when it does happen. That is just as important - if not more important - than providing a public service in the first place.

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Both things were suggested. :slight_smile:
A sysadmin 101 workshop and a page to collect all the new tools developed by relay operators, for example:


From the IRC backlog:

Hey. I’ve been using for a month a small python script to monitor my tor relay health. Just pushed it to GitHub - architek/tormon: Monitor Tor relay with Grafana. It relies on a few threads to poll tor control port and send info to influxdb. There’s a grafana dashboard provided. Currently, tor version and exit info, tor guards, flags, consensus and bandwidth.