Stuck on obfs4proxy 0.0.13-1, is it still considered unsafe?


Is obfs4proxy 0.0.13-1 still considered unsafe to use?

There was some talk about this last year with recommendations to move to 0.0.14

Unfortunately Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS still only supplies 0.0.13-1

Last year there were suggestions that Ubuntu users could download a .deb from Debian -- Error and install it but that link is now dead

also as I recall it also only had AMD64, and one of my bridges is ARM

Last year there was also discussion of making the updated package available via the repository but I guess this never happened?

any advice on what to do about this?

hi. here’s the link to obfs4proxy 0.0.14 in bullseye-backports:

for 64-bit ARMv8 machines:
curl -s ‘’ > obfs4proxy_0.0.14-1~bpo11_arm64.deb
apt install ./obfs4proxy_0.0.14-1~bpo11_arm64.deb

for AMD64 machines:
curl -s ‘’ > obfs4proxy_0.0.14-1~bpo11_amd64.deb
apt install ./obfs4proxy_0.0.14-1~bpo11_amd64.deb


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