Strange behaviour with guard node

I noticed strange behaviour with guard node changing in same browser session.
My understanding is guard nodes should not change for at least a set period of time.
But I have seen a different guard node in new tab, also guard changes in original tab when ask for new circuit. It seems to switch between same 2 guards.

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As far as I know TOR selects a few guards and uses them for a certain time but will switch between these guards. So having different guards is expected.

The solution is “entry guards”: each Tor client selects a few relays at random to use as entry points, and uses only those relays for their first hop. If those relays are not controlled or observed, the attacker can’t win, ever, and the user is secure. If those relays are observed or controlled by the attacker, the attacker sees a larger fraction of the user’s traffic - but still the user is no more profiled than before. Thus, the user has some chance (on the order of (n-c)/n) of avoiding profiling, whereas they had none before.


Yes, we changed this parameter last week, see Roger’s email to tor-relays:


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