Start and using Tor Browser,

hello, i cannot start my Tor Browser anymore, i receive the message:
another application uses the Tor browser

Could you post a screenshot?

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Hello, thank you, i couldn t answer earlyer, here is the screenshot with the message above the url line

Is reinstalling the browser an option? Have you tried it? If not, have you checked on your antivirus? Since when did it start happening?

what can i do?

As I said, try reinstalling the browser, if that’s possible.

i reinstalled Tor , the Window firewall is active…

Is it possible to receive a remote view on my Computer?

If you shut down then restart Windows OS, are you able to run Tor Browser? If you can run Tor Browser after restarting Windows OS and only encounter this problem after you close Tor Browser, maybe the problem is the Tor process stays alive when you close the browser. (I have this problem on Linux.) If this is your problem also then you can end the Tor process yourself and you should be able to start Tor Browser again.