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Below are the major changes of the released versions and links to more detailed release notes.


We are today releasing both and with an important fix for onion services regarding congestion control and its reliability. We strongly encourage all onion service operators to upgrade as soon as possible to the latest stable that is the 0.4.8.x series.

We also address the issue with the annoying “compression bomb” log message that some relay operators have been noticing a lot lately.

Important to remember that we are expecting to end of life the 0.4.7.x series in a couple of months (likely around November) after the majority of the network has migrated and Tor Browser stable no longer ships it. That being said, please upgrade to the 0.4.8.x latest stable as soon as you can.

As usual, let us know about any bugs. Thanks to everyone doing so and running relays for the world! :slight_smile:

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