So you can now add a VPN to Tails, from inside the Tails OS?

Hello all,
I just upgraded Tails to 5.8, but even with 5.7, I puttered through the settings (Applications > System Tools > Settings), then went to the Network tab. There is an option to add a VPN! Click on the + icon, and the user is then prompted to “import from file”. If you click on “import from file”, you are then prompted to select a directory (i.e., documents, downloads, etc) to import a file.
Presumably this is an .ovpn file that is imported?
Has anyone played around with this? I thought the Tails developers advised against using a VPN with Tor, but here VPN functionality is built right into the Tails OS!
Thanks in advance for any and all answers.

I tried to import an .ovpn file from Nord VPN, but got an error message from Tails. Bummer.

From Tails FAQ:

Tails does not work with VPNs.


Thank you, Gus. I don’t understand why the Settings menu in Tails prompts the user to import a VPN file.

Hi Gus,
If you are willing and able to do it, please check this out for yourself. I am curious what you think about it. Thank you.