Snowflake: Who is connecting to my Proxy, are there any preferences like distance?

Hey guys!

I have a second FF profile with Arkenfox, where only WebRTC is enabled, together with a hardened NoScript and the Snowflake Addon. I have it running in the background, dont use it otherwise, but actually thats irrelevant.

What I was wondering is that: I have people connected to my Proxy pretty often, about 10-30 a day. I saw someone on Reddit with 60, and in the comments people said that was probably because of some factors like Internet speed… OR location!

Actually, I live in Europe, we have no censorship nearby, I only want to contribute to the Network if I can really help People who need it (Russia, China, Cuba, etc., we have Turkey though…), not some Lurkers wanting to avoid that their ISP knows they use Tor.

Is there this preferencing? Does it make sense to run Snowflake, if you live far away from Censorship? I probably cant toggle anything, at least not on the Addon.

Thank you for running a Snowflake proxy!

We’ve seen a large increase in the number of clients trying to connect to Snowflake proxies in the last few days. At the moment, a Snowflake proxy anywhere helps. A proxy run in Europe might even have better performance than one run elsewhere because the Snowflake bridge to the Tor network is located in Europe, however we don’t have measurements to confirm how much of a performance impact this has.

How often your snowflake is distributed depends on several factors. The largest one is what type of NAT and firewall you have on your machine or router. We have a more detailed explanation of different NAT and filtering types in our documentation. Another factor is how long the user sessions are. Browser-based proxies only allow one connection at a time, so if someone has a long, uninterrupted browsing session you will see a lower usage count.


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