Snowflake users

Is there an issue with snowflake or a way in that wen can help.

If i look for the graph in the last year user base is now just 30% at what has been 1 year ago. Also on my boxes where i hadd 100-200 users now i see a maximum of 50-60.

p.s: Sorry if i put this question already in another thread



Pluggable transport users fluctuate over time due to context of real-life events, among other factors. As long as clients continue to connect using pluggable transports, I see little cause for concern.

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You can read more about this in the recent Snowflake paper.

You personally as a proxy operator cannot do much about it. Your proxy is still useful.


Perhaps change your IP address, some ISPs do this when you reset your home router, I personally hate it when they do this because I have some DNS records pointing to it, but if the censors have found you (and perhaps this applies more to bridges) changing your IP may give you a fresh start.

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Thanks for the advice but this solution is already implemented on all my snowflake proxy.
Based on computer location the IP is changing weekly or once every 4-5 weeks.

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