Snowflake stand-alone… suddenly few connections


I have set up Snowflake-proxy on a Raspberry Pi. It is basically running and i have connections. But… I used to have the Telekom Speedport router and after 1 or 2 days after installation the NAT type changed to “unrestricted” and i usually had between 40 and 120 connections/hour …

I changed the router to Fritzbox (7530ax) and since then the NAT type stays “restricted” and connections are max 10/hour, mostly just 1, 2 or 3 or so…

I have installed snowflake with Docker on my Mac and here its the same, just very few connections (thats has been different here too before).

Any ideas what does this?


Well, I think you answered it yourself? Unrestricted proxies are programed to get more clients, and they also succeed in establishing connections with clients they get that assigned more often.

Or are you saying that it’s too few even for a restricted proxy? IDK, 3 / hour for standalone sounds reasonable to me (though I don’t have statistics on how many other people get usually).

… for restricted NAT it seems to be ok. But it dropped from 10x more after changing to Fritzbox and i wonder why it is like this… i guess some Firewall settings… but i don’t know what exactly, i am not really familiar into this network settings.

Sorry, are you saying that the number of connections dropped twice?
I read it as

it used to be 100 / hour on one router, then on another router it dropped to 3 / hour"

Or are you asking why it changed from unrestricted to restricted?

I noticed the numbers went down and also the NAT type changed… so i connected both issues, form my search i concluded that restricted NAT causes fewer connections, but i am not sure tbh

Yeah, that’s exactly right. As I said:

So it would be desirable to change the NAT type, right? Is this a Fritzbox issue in the end?

Yes, unrestricted NAT is desirable. You might need to reconfigure the router. You might find useful info in these posts:

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Thank you… I had already read the links, but I can’t find out how to set the Fritzbox. The Fritzbox only allows 255 ports to be opened and my attempts so far have been unsuccessful. But I understand the problem a bit better now… it seems to be port forwarding (although that shouldn’t be necessary, as far as I understood)

i set in Fritzbox the RPi as “Exposed Host” and then its changing to “unrestricted” … so i need to find away to open the ports (32768 to 60999) … or will this be the same thing in the like “exposed host” option?

This article says

If you set up an exposed host, all of the ports are opened for a device

So I believe you’ve achieved what it takes to run an unrestricted proxy.

kind of… but since i don’t want to open my Pi completely, i will not use the exposed host option… i need to figure out how to open the UDP ports, which i didn’t manage so far, can’t find a practical solution for the Fritzbox.

Thanks for your support!

Have a nice easter holiday

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