Snowflake proxy for Android and iOS?

I discovered Snowflake a few weeks ago and have been using it ever since.

I noticed that it is currently only available for the desktop version of Chrome and Firefox. That’s why I wanted to ask if there will be a mobile version of the browser extension or maybe even an app that runs in the background. Then you could also help to bypass censorship on the go and maybe more people would be interested in using Snowflake and help this great project. :smile:

Sorry if this topic is in the wrong category or is already discussed in the past. I havn’t found a similar post

On mobile you can setup a snowflake by visiting the project’s website at and toggle on the snowflake embed on a mobile web browser which has WebRTC enabled. Do note that recent versions of Android and probably that of iOS as well are pretty aggressive in killing apps running in the background, so you might have to optimize the browser to keep running in the background even if minimized.


For Android, you can also install Orbot and enable the Snowflake proxy in Settings (see the screenshot below). Unfortunately, the Snowflake proxy isn’t available in Orbot for iOS.


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