Snowflake or webtunnel just for me

Hello everyone, how can I configure snowflake or webtunnel on my server just for myself?

With a webtunnel bridge it should be possible if you set

PublishServerDescriptor 0

in your torrc.

General setup instructions: Tor Project | WebTunnel Bridge

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Thx. WebTunnel a bit hard to set up, snowflake is easier, but does snowflake support a bridge for only one user?

No, this feature is not supported.

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Can this be added?

It seems the Anti-censorship Team won’t work on this feature:

There is an option of deploying the entire snowflake system (broker, proxy, bridge+snowflake), but it seems a lot of manual work.

In your case, I believe deploying a private obfs4 or webtunnel bridge is easier.

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Ok, I set up webtunnel, I think. It was easier than it first seemed. But is there a manual that I need to write in the local torrc file to connect via webtunnel?

You need to compile the WebTunnel client and use this torrc:

UseBridges 1
DataDirectory datadir
## change the path to your WebTunnel client /home/user/webtunnel/client
ClientTransportPlugin webtunnel exec ./client

## add your WebTunnel bridge line
Bridge webtunnel url=
SocksPort auto
#Log info


I always wondered why not put out a ready-made program, why does the user need to compile something? In general, I expected to see a ready-made client in the TOR Browser folder.
I complied git clone
git clone didn’t work.
Then cd webtunnel/main/client
Then go build
Then sudo cp client /usr/local/bin/webtunnel
The resulting file does not run on Windows.
What’s next?

Ops, if compiling is an issue, you can download and use Tor Expert Bundle:“The tor expert bundle contains the tor and pluggable transports binaries, bridge strings, and geoip data used in Tor Browser.”

In your torrc, instead of executing “webtunnel-client.exe”, you’ll need to change to use lyrebird, which is a binary containing obfs4, webtunnel and other PTs clients.

It will look like something like this:

UseBridges 1
DataDirectory datadir
ClientTransportPlugin meek_lite,obfs2,obfs3,obfs4,scramblesuit,webtunnel exec c:\tor\pluggable_transports\lyrebird.exe 
Bridge webtunnel url=
SocksPort auto

Now, it totally works! Plus, it works faster than Snowflake. Thank you very much!

It looks like a mistake here: Tor Project | Compile and run WebTunnel from the source

webtunnel FINGERPRINT url=https://yourdomain/path

I did according to your example:

Bridge webtunnel url=


Another question is whether you need to somehow configure the BridgeDistribution parameter? Now it is not in my torrc on the server. I have configured only PublishServerDescriptor 0 and my bridge is not published. I’m fine with that.

And yet, I executed sudo journalctl -e -u tor@default, and in the output of the log:

Managed proxy "/usr/local/bin/webtunnel" wrote a STATUS line without TRANSPORT: "TYPE=version IMPLEMENTATION=\"webtunnel\" VERSION=\"0.0.1\""

What to do about it?