Snowflake in Orbot

Has snowflake reached orbot yet? I’ve got a 65mbps connection to loan if so

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Hi @Nameless

Orbot 16.5.2-RC-4 tor. was released 20 hours ago :slight_smile: including a Snowflake update


Wait, these are two different questions. Or at least, I think @ukmr is answering a different question than @Nameless asked.

Nameless is wanting to volunteer as a Snowflake, i.e. be one of the people who bridges traffic for censored users into the Tor network.

The update in Orbot is for the Snowflake client, i.e. the thing that censored users can use to reach the Tor network.

I know that the Guardian Project folks have been working on an app that can let you volunteer your phone as a Snowflake, and it tries to do it in a friendly way e.g. only offering it when you’re plugged in at night. We had a GSoC intern working on an app like that too. I don’t know what the current status is though. Maybe somebody here does? :slight_smile:


@arma Thanks for clarifying this. I was unaware of the app development by the Guardian Project, as you’ve described. This link provides an overview of the current status,

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