Snowflake Docker GUI

I’ve did my best DuckDuckFu but have come up short. I’m considering running a standalone Docker instance of Snowflake, but would like to have some sort of GUI that at least shows me current statistics and the ability to toggle on/off.

At a base level, this would be similar to what the browser add-in shows. But I could see some additional information such as connection details, users connected, users helped, bandwidth used, etc.

Is there anything like this out there? Or can we add this to a feature request?

You already have all this information in the logs of the docker image, but I understand having a GUI (I guess you mean a web interface) will be handy. Sadly I don’t think we’ll be able to work on something like that in the near future, if someone wants to do that I’m happy to point you to the right places to do so.

I will recommend you to run the browser addon for the time being.


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