Snowflake Daily Operations October 2023 update

Snowflake Daily Operations collects donations to fund operation of the snowflake-01 bridge. This is the October 2023 update. (The page is currently unfortunately blocked by Cloudflare for Tor users; you can try an archived version as an alternative.)

The number of users and bandwidth of the snowflake-01 bridge remained steady, after last month’s sudden decline caused by a disruption in domain fronting rendezvous.

The mix of countries of Snowflake users is the same as usual. You’ll notice that the estimated range of users becomes less tight starting on 2023-10-04. The reason for this is that we upgraded Tor on the bridge on that day, and recent versions of Tor have a bug with counting pluggable transport users. We have partially compensated for the bug in this graph, but the estimates will be less precise than usual, until the bug is fixed. Not only Snowflake is affected: the same bug is responsible for the recent (illusory) correlated decline in pluggable transport users and increase in plain bridge users.