Snowflake Daily Operations June 2024 update

Snowflake Daily Operations collects donations to fund operation of the snowflake-01 bridge. This is the June 2024 update.

There were no big surprises in June 2024. The number of users declined a bit, as more of the load is being taken up by the other bridge, snowflake-02. The likely cause of more users starting to use snowflake-02 is the release of Orbot 17.2.1-RC-2 on 2024-05-02.

In terms of the mix of countries, users of snowflake-01 in Iran declined, while in Russia they increased.

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For comparison, here are graphs that show both the snowflake-01 and snowflake-02 bridges. snowflake-02 supports about 30% of all users and 50% of bandwidth.