Snowflake addon status

At Tor Project | Browser Snowflake proxy i read “The Snowflake addon will inform you about how many people you have helped in the last 24 hours. It will also display an error message if the Snowflake could not connect to clients or the Snowflake bridge.”

I have the addon enabled for a week, click it but can not see any information of usage nor problems.

I see no traffic (or it is very low) but i believe that may be due to I am erroneously still listed as tor relay What is still blocking my IP address? in one list.

Anyway, how do I see the status of the snowflake plugin? (more than just on/off)

If it is not showing an error message but says “your snowflake is ready…”, then it is working.

I’m running the standalone proxy and have also not seen much traffic in recent days. Dunno why.


OK thanks.

UPDATE: Regarding low traffic, a Russian fried told me there are connection problems using snowflake, so Kremlin seem to block it…

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