Shut Down Relay Regularly


I am about to run a middle relay on my raspberry pi. I would like to run it always when I am not at home / at sleep using full bandwidth and otherwise I would prefer to plug the device off.

Is this a reasonable scenario, or does the relay always undergo the lifecycle again, resulting in no support to the tor network?
If it works, then which properties do I need to maintain stable, such that Tor recognizes, that I always boot the same device? The IPv4 address?


Tor has no hard uptime requirement but if your relay is not running for more than 2 hours a day its usefulness is limited. Ideally the relay runs on a server which runs 24/7.

As you are running at home, Iā€™d strongly recommend running a standalone snowflake proxy.


Well the device would be up like 10 hours a day for sure, working with full bandwidth. Thus, I could imagine that this would be helpful.

Another idea would be to run the device 24/7 prioritizing other internet traffic by the script:

  1. Which would be the better setup?
  2. Does the script also prioritize the traffic from other devices of my home network over the traffic of the raspberry pi, such that I would not have any bandwidth throttling at all?