Should I switch over to the new version of tor written in rust

Hello as I’ve posted before I run a relay with these specs

256 GB of ram
10 CPU cores with 40 threads
1 GB internet connection

I want to know if I’m wasting resources by using the C version of tor

Hi, Arti is not ready for relay operators, check out arti’s development roadmap:


  • Arti 1.0.0: Initial stable release (Goal: Mid September, 2022??)

    • Target audience: initial users
    • Stable API (mostly)
    • Stable CLI
    • Stable configuration format
    • Automatic detection and response of more kinds of network problems
    • At least as secure as C Tor
    • Client performance similar to C Tor
    • More performance work
    • and more…
  • Arti 1.1.0: Anti-censorship features (Goal: End of October, 2022?)

    • Target audience: censored users
    • Bridges
    • Pluggable transports
    • and more…?
  • Arti 1.2.0: Onion service support (not funded, timeframe TBD)

  • Arti 2.0.0: Feature parity with C tor as a client (not funded, timeframe TBD)

  • Arti ?.?.?: Relay support


Oh alright sorry I just don’t understand how tor is saying my relay is overloaded when it’s not even using 10% of my CPU and barely using the network

Please read My relay or bridge is overloaded what does this mean? | Tor Project | Support


You may want to try to run two relays on the same IP and look if they will utilize resources better.

C version is not that much multithreaded.
I think that it allows attacker to overload relay with DDoS even when system resources are not fully used.