Seemingly unstable tor causing subdaemon channel dying repeatedly on c-lightning

forPeers reporting I’m always going offline, logs show owning subdaemon channel died (62208). Please see log and lghtnng conf as any help sorely needed and appreciated and proxy=
14:03 < Guest77> bind-addr=127.0.01:9735
14:03 < Guest77> addr=statictor:
14:03 < Guest77> always-use-proxy=true
14:03 < Guest77> tor-service-password=your password wallet=sqlite3:///home/rick/.lightning/bitcoin/lightningd.sqlite3:/home/rick/Documents/backup/lightningd.sqlite3 log and for c-lightning config:

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is the norm for tor channels at the moment. Sometimes 60% of my nodes tor connections go down, but most of the time just a small stream of (last two logs from tor/lightningd respectively atm:

2022-12-17T18:47:07.144Z INFO Peer transient failure in CHANNELD_NORMAL: channeld: Owning subdaemon channeld died (62208)

Dec 17 10:49:40.000 [notice] Closed 1 streams for service [scrubbed].onion for reason resolve failed. Fetch status: No more HSDir available to query.

Believe this is due to an attacker expending considerable resources.

If you need to make payments reliably and stay tor only then need many channels (?).

The thought also occurred to me that lightning could be aiding the attack on tor because it is broadcasting too much information about active circuits and providing an ability to interact.

Lightning nodes make public their tor address, but they also make public the list of tor addresses they are required to be in contact with. This seems like too much information to make public. Maybe good practice for nodes would be to have a connect tor address, but then negotiate a private tor address for operating the channel.

Thanks for the info, it is feasible everything U say. Maybe I have made the situation worse by trying to fix it thinking it was my incompetence. I am having problems running tor on bitcoin and I have lost cntl of my LN. :blush: